Biography section
Here are just a few of my favorite sites on the Internet. First up is my local bookstore, where I always hold my first public talk and signings. They've been a great supporter of mine since my first novel was published in 1994, and if anyone would like to have them secure an autographed copy of my latest, just give them a ring:

Water Street Books

Next is the oldest writer's group for mystery and suspense authors, of which I've been a proud member for more than twenty years:

Mystery Writers of America

This is one of the greatest mystery bookstores in the world, located in Cambridge, Mass., and run by Kate Mattes, the unofficial head cheerleader and supporter for New England mystery authors:

Kate's Mystery Books

Here's one of my favorite bookstores, located in Conway, N.H.:

White Birch Books

Another great mystery bookstore, this one in Scottsdale, Arizona:

Poisoned Pen Books

My publishers are next on the links list. Here is the American publisher
that is publishing my Lewis Cole mysteries and my other thrillers:

St. Martin's Press

The American publisher that took on "Resurrection Day"

Putnam Books

The British publisher of "Resurrection Day" and several of my other thrillers

Little, Brown

Close readers of mine will note that I have an enduring interest in all things astronomical and space related. Here are some of my "sky favorites":

The Planetary Society

The National Space Society