Biography section
Here are just a few of my favorite sites on the Internet. First up is my local bookstore, where I always hold my first public talk and signings. They've been a great supporter of mine since my first novel was published in 1994, and if anyone would like to have them secure an autographed copy of my latest, just give them a ring:

Water Street Books

Next is the oldest writer's group for mystery and suspense authors, of which I've been a proud member for more than twenty years:

Mystery Writers of America

Here's one of my favorite bookstores, located in Conway, N.H.:

White Birch Books

Another great mystery bookstore, this one in Scottsdale, Arizona:

Poisoned Pen Books

Close readers of mine will note that I have an enduring interest in all things astronomical and space related. Here are some of my "sky favorites":

The Planetary Society

The National Space Society