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Brendan DuBois answers questions about his latest novel, DEADLY COVE...

Q. DEADLY COVE is your seventh Lewis Cole novel. Before describing what it's about, can you tell us something about Lewis Cole?

A. Hard to believe, Lewis Cole has been the protagonist in six of my earlier novels: DEAD SAND, BLACK TIDE, SHATTERED SHELL, KILLER WAVES, BURIED DREAMS, and PRIMARY STORM. Lewis once worked for the Department of Defense as a research analysis in an obscure agency at the Pentagon. One day, during a training mission out in Nevada, he is the sole survivor of an accident that killed his entire section. In exchange for keeping his mouth shut about what happened, the government gave him a pension, a beachfront home in Tyler, N.H., and a job as a magazine columnist. But haunted by what happened to him and his friends, he has a thirst for justice that sometimes gets him into trouble.

Q. And what happens to Lewis in DEADLY COVE?

A. In this novel, most of what happens actually happens to Lewis' friends. There's a lot of change afoot in DEADLY COVE, beginning with Lewis' employment situation. In all previous books, Lewis was a columnist for a monthly magazine called "Shoreline." But in this latest work, he has a new boss that's making his life miserable. He has to do more day-to-day reporting, and the story of the month is a large-scale anti-nuclear demonstration at the local Falconer nuclear power plant. Although the bulk of protesters are peaceful, violence breaks out, and people close to Lewis are severely injured.

Q. What other changes take place in DEADLY COVE?

A. One fair criticism of series detective novels is that the characters are stuck in amber, meaning they don't change. I've been conscious of this, so in DEADLY COVE, as mentioned before, Lewis has a new boss. In other developments, his previous love interest, Paula Quinn, has received a promotion at her newspaper job. There are changes afoot in the life of Detective Sgt. Diane Woods, and even Felix Tinios, every popular security consultant, is facing challenges.

Q. Why the delay between this novel and your prior Lewis Cole novel, PRIMARY STORM.

A. Other projects came to the fore, some of which took much more time and effort than I had previously planned. Ah, the joys of writing!

Q. What else is the book about?

A. In this novel, the demonstrations at the Falconer nuclear power plant bring forth a key issue, one that gets more vital every year. Basically, where we will get the energy to power our economy? Every type of energy has its setbacks, even the renewable and the green energy. In my humble opinion, I think a mix of sources will work best, but it would be wonderful to have some sort of breakthrough that not only reduces our reliance on foreign oil sources, but would also not impact the environment.

Q. And will there be an eighth Lewis Cole novel?

A. There has to be. For those readers who get DEADLY COVE, I promise that the last few chapters will race by like lightning, and the novel ends on a cliffhanger. I have to figure out a way to address this cliffhanger, and find out what happens next. At this point, I don't have the answer... but I assure you, it will come!