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Brendan DuBois answers questions about his latest novel, THE CORNWALLS ARE GONE...

Q. THE CORNWALLS ARE GONE is your second novel with world bestselling author James Patterson. Before describing what it's about, can you tell us something about what it's like to work with Patterson?

A. It's the most extraordinarily fortunate writing achievement I've ever had. Working with James Patterson has been a joy from the very first day. He's professional, smart, and knows what work and what doesn't. In sharing my writing with Patterson, I've learned so much about the writing craft, and how to improve my own skillset.

Q. How did you start working with James Patterson?

A. A few years ago, I, along with a number of other authors, joined him when he started a new publishing venture, Bookshots, fast-paced novellas of about 40,000 words. I had done three Bookshots with Patterson, and worked on an outline for the fourth. Much to my surprise, Jim called me one day, asking me if I would be interested in doing a full-length novel. He said I could take a couple of weeks to think it over. I immediately said, nope, I'm good. I don't need to wait a couple of weeks. I'd love to.

Q. So what's THE CORNWALLS ARE GONE about?

A. It starts off quickly, as all the works of James Patterson. In the first chapter, Army Captain Amy Cornwall comes home from her military post in Virginia, expecting to be met at the door by her husband Tom and ten-year-old daughter Denise. But they are gone, kidnapped, and a note is left behind that tells her not to contact law enforcement, or the Army. Instead, she has 48 hours to complete a task for the kidnappers, or her family will be killed. And that's just Chapter One.

Q. You've done two novels with James Patterson. Are additional books in the works?

A. That there are. We have a novel coming out in June 2020, called THE SUMMER HOUSE, a thriller about four Army Rangers charged with multiple murders in a small town in Georgia. We've also completed the sequel to THE CORNWALLS ARE GONE. The working title for that book is ECLIPSED, and should be out sometime next year. There are also a couple of Patterson projects on the horizon, I'm sure.

Q. Any other projects coming along?

A. I've recently finished the twelfth novel in my Lewis Cole detective series, called TERMINAL SURF. This book is about the worldwide immigration crisis literally coming home to Lewis, as the body of a drowned refugee woman and her infant washes up ashore in front of his ocean-front home.,

Q. And will there be a thirteenth Lewis Cole novel?

A. I hope so. As busy as I've been these past couple of years, working with the incredible James Patterson, I still have interest and affection for my Lewis Cole works. After all, Lewis Cole appeared in my first novel, published 25 years ago. Hard to believe!